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Residential Lots Available

Wharncliffe Road & Wonderland Rd. - Bostwick East London

This is a serviced prime 50-acre site , and is one of the only new pieces of land in the south-west quadrant of London which has sufficient servicing capacities upon which to build. This development includes service commercial, single family residential, and office space. Builders are now well under way with construction. Over 60% of the townhouse blocks are under construction and the commercial lots are still open for development. Single family lots are 100% sold out as are the townhome blocks which are under construction. There are still some prime commercial/office blocks that are available. Update: All residential lots have been sold. Commercial and office lots are still available.

Please direct all inquiries to Jeff Willick at 519-672-1585 (236).

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Commercial Lot Available

2305 Manatee Avenue, Bradenton Florida

This 2 acre site is an ideal commercial setting for a fast food, gas station/gas bar, or a highway service commercial tenant. Decade will design and build custom buildings for end users who desire access to one of the busiest routes on the gulf coasts.

Please direct all inquiries to Bob Siskind at (519) 672-1585 (235).

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